Nordic Fish Guide

A quick guide to reading seafood menus and ordering what you want on your next trip to Norway, Sweden, and Finland.
Fish is a big part of the diet and cuisine of people who live in Norway, Sweden, and Finland. The Baltic and Atlantic coasts provide some of the freshest, most flavorful seafood in Europe. Many restaurants have menus in English and wait for staff who speak English, but if you are venturing into smaller towns or smaller restaurants in Norway, Sweden, or Finland, you might not be so lucky. Here are some words to help you order what you want, whether it is Norweigan salmon, Swedish crayfish, or Finnish pickled herring.

Print this handy cheat sheet (English-Norwegian, English-Finnish, and English-Swedish) for your next trip to Northern Europe.

English – Norwegian

Artic Char – Regnbueørret
Baltic Prawn – Strandreke
Cod – Torsk
Crayfish – Reke
Eel – Ål
Greenland halibut – Blåkveite
Herring – Slli
Herring (Baltic) – Østersjøsild
Lobster – Hummer
Lumpfish – Rognkall
Mackerel – Makrel
Norway Lobster – Sjøkreps
Octopus – Blekksprut
Oyster – Østers
Perch – Abbor
Pike Perch – Gjørs
Redfish – Rødfisk
Roe – Rom
Salmon – Laks
Sea bass – Havabbor
Shrimp – Mandrake
Smelt – Krøkle
Sturgeon – Støre
Swordfish – Sverdfisk
Whitefish – Sik
English – Finnish

Arctic Char – Kirjolohi
Baltic Prawn – Leväkatkarapu
Cod – Turska
Crayfish – Katkarapu
Eel – Ankerias
Greenland halibut – Grönlanninpallas
Herring – Silli
Herring (Baltic) – Sikakka
Lobster – Hummeri
Lumfish – Rasvakala
Mackerel – Makrelli
Norway Lobster – Merirapu
Octopus – Mustekala
Oyster – Osteri
Perch – Ahven
Pike Perch – Kuha
Redfish – Punasimppu
Roe – Mäti
Salmon – Lohi
Sea bass – Meriahven
Shrimp – Hietakatka
Smelt – Kuore
Sturgeon – Sampi
Swordfish – Miekkakala
Turbot – Piikkikampela
Whitefish – Siika
English – Swedish

Artic Char – Regnbåge
Baltic Prawn – Tångräka
Cod – Torsk
Crayfish – Räka
Eel – Ål
Greenland halibut – Grálúda
Herring – Sill
Herring (Baltic) – Strömming
Lobster – Hummer
Lumfish – Sjurygg
Mackerel – Makrill
Norway Lobster – Havskräfta
Octopus – Åtta-armad bläckfisk
Oyster – Ostron
Perch – Abborre
Pike Perch – Gös
Redfish – Rödfisk
Roe – Rom
Salmon – Lax
Sea bass – Havsabborre
Shrimp – Sandräka
Smelt – Nors
Sturgeon – Stör
Swordfish – Svärdfisk
Turbot – Piggvar
Whitefish – Sik

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