Lightweight Folding Wheelchairs and Their Benefits

There is a really useful option for wheelchairs users that need to travel and don’t want the restrictions that come with a regular fixed wheelchair in the form of lightweight folding wheelchairs. This is a portable option that is perfectly suited to those who need a way of travelling as light as possible but still having the full mobility that a wheel chair provides. This article takes a closer look at this very portable and easy to transport mobility solution that can be of great benefit to its user.

If you decide that you need to take a short or even a long trip somewhere and it will entail transferring from one form of transportation to another, as well as going to and from hotel rooms and other travel destinations, then you are going to be glad of a mobility solution that provides everything your regular wheelchair does in a lightweight and portable package. The lightweight folding wheelchair is certainly portable and light to carry and manoeuvre, as well as being easy to collapse or fold away if you need to stow it away in the trunk of a car, or maybe keep it beside you on a train or place in the storage area of a coach or even in an airplane.

This special type of wheel chair is generally designed to weigh less than thirty pounds all in and can be simply collapsed and flat packed into a relatively small area for maximum portability. These folding wheelchairs are designed to provide a high level of safety along with durability in the long term while being more advanced technically than its rigid and heavier alternative.

Lightweight folding wheelchairs are designed mostly with a strong aluminium frame that itself weighs around only thirteen pounds. They incorporate a soft padded seat and padded back as well as padded armrests to give the user a high level of comfort. The armrests are designed to fold down to seat level before the entire unit is collapsed down into its folded position for storage while travelling. The folding frame means they are not as durable as rigid framed lightweight wheelchairs, although the ability to fold down into a small, narrow space is a great advantage when travelling.

They come into their own when you need to travel using a taxi to get to say an airport or train station as they easily fold down and store in the taxi’s trunk and then are just as easily opened out to full size again once you reach your destination. In an airport, they are highly useful for transferring from the check-in desk to the departure lounge and then boarding the airplane as it can stay with you the whole time on the flight and be there for you when you need to disembark and go through the destination airport and then a taxi the other end. Using hotel rooms that are often small with little storage space is another time a lightweight folding wheelchair becomes such a pleasure to own as it can be folded down in the room and not take up any additional space.

When looked after properly and maintained correctly, your lightweight folding wheelchair will last for many years and give you great service while enabling you to undertake journeys that without one may have been unavailable to you while giving you full mobility with the added advantage of a high level of portability and convenience.

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